Structural Design

Our wide-ranging experience in the structural design of diverse ship types, using the Rules of most major Classification societies, allows us to offer the following services :


  • Preparation of Classification drawings
  • Calculation and dimensioning of ship structures in accordance with Class Rules
  • Local vibration analysis
  • Assessment and solution of global and local vibration problems
  • Damage assessment
  • Development of weight-optimised structures

Orbis Marine Consult has delivered classification plans and calculations for a wide range of vessel types, including the following:


Container Ships:

400 TEU (GL), 700 TEU (GL), 855 TEU (GL), 1300 TEU (DNV), 2800 TEU (GL), 8400 TEU (GL), 15500 TEU (DNVGL)


General Cargo Ships

3600 tdw (GL), 4500 tdw (GL), 5000 tdw (LR), 5500 tdw (GL), 6100 tdw (GL), 7200 tdw (GL), 29400 tdw (GL)



60 m (GL), 75 m (LR), 130 m (LR), 130 m (GL)



1450 lane metre (RINA), 4000 lane metre (DNV)



65 m Cutter section (GL), 76 m Cutter Section (LR), 80 m Hopper (BV)


Special ships

140 m Windturbine transport vessel (DNV) , Windturbine platform (DNV)